Atmospheres Archive

Last Update: August 22, 2006

Collection 4

At the present time atmospheres forward processing is being conducted using Collection 4 and 5 codes. All atmospheres L2+ products from this processing are being exported to the GES DAAC and LAADS. Collection 4 forward production will continue until LAADS service begins to the general community presently being served by the GES DAAC. Collection 4 Aqua processing stopped on July 1, 2006 and Terra is estimated to stop at the end of August, 2006.

All of the historical Collection 4 L3 atmospheres products have already been archived in LAADS. Since the GES DAAC silos are being withdrawn from operations starting this year, the GES DAAC will not be able to maintain its Collection 4 atmospheres holdings for the proscribed 6-months interval beyond generation of Collection 5 products. Consequently, starting in June, 2006 the GES DAAC L2 holdings including cloud mask/profiles will be transferred to LAADS. This transfer will be completed by mid-December. The GES DAAC will continue to provide users with access to Collection 4 atmospheres products until that time.

The GES DAAC stopped the production of Collection 4 L1 data products on dataday 55 (February 24, 2006). The GES DAAC will continue to distribute Collection 4 L1B, geolocation, and cloud mask for intervals earlier than dataday 55 until early-September when the distribution of all Collection 4 data products will be terminated (see above). The distribution of L1B, geolocation, and cloud mask products after dataday 55 will become the responsibility of MODAPS after February 24, 2006. The distribution of these products for all of the Collection 4 interval will become MODAPS responsibility after early-September, 2006 (Transition Issues).

MODAPS will archive Collection 4 cloud mask/profiles in LAADS. However, MODAPS will not archive either Collection 4 L1B or geolocation products in LAADS. MODAPS maintains a "rolling" data pool for Collection 4 forward processing L1B and geolocation. This data pool has a capacity of 21 datadays (compressed using hrepack) of Aqua and 21 datadays of Terra products (Data Access).

Collection 5

All Collection 5 geolocation and atmospheres products including browse and cloud mask/profiles from both forward processing and reprocessing will be archived in LAADS. All products will be archived in internally compressed form. The data volumes and files associated with each ESDT are identified in the Atmospheres Archive Table (MSExcel spreadsheet). Terra reprocessing started on June 30th at Terra firstlight. (Collection 5 Land Reprocessing Plan).

L1B data products for the CONUS and European regions will also be archived in LAADS in compressed form. The Asian region will be added in late August. The remaining L1B products will not be archived in LAADS but will be temporarily available through a "rolling" data pool. The capacity of this data pool will be approximately 300 datadays of L1B (compressed using hrepack) which is equivalent to approximately 20 calendar days of reprocessing and forward processing production. User access to the data pool will be provided through the LAADS or by direct access. Any user requests for Collection 5 L1B data older than the most recent 20 days of production should also be submitted through LAADS. This will be satisfied on a processing-on-demand basis (LAADS Capabilities).

Details of the atmospheres reprocessing plan can be found at Collection 5 Atmospheres Reprocessing Plan. Data access instructions are given under Data Access. The LAADS Web Data Availability page provides a detailed identification of the Collection 4 and 5 data products available through LAADS.