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MODAPS Services

Welcome to the MODIS Adaptive Processing System (MODAPS) Services website. The website is intended to provide user information concerning all aspects of MODAPS data production, archive, and distribution. The website is a companion to LAADS Web, which provides access to the data products archived by MODAPS in the Level 1 and Atmospheres Archive and Distribution System (LAADS).

This website covers a very wide range of topics in considerable detail. The website has been designed to accommodate a range of users from "first-time" users who, perhaps, have very limited knowledge of MODIS and MODAPS services to experienced users who are searching for a specific detailed piece of information. To that end, the site includes summary material for the former (About) and a "Quick Links" feature that allows an experienced user to navigate to a detailed level in a rapid manner. Please send any comments or suggestions concerning the success, or otherwise, of this strategy to Gang Ye at


These pages provide a summary of the types of services MODAPS provides.


These pages include production plans compared to actual production, the PGE versions presently included in production and their promotion history, a list of the current subscriptions, and ingest metrics.


These pages provide details concerning the products archived in LAADS and the associated data pools, instructions for accessing these data, data archive and distribution metrics, and a summary of the capabilities of the current and future operational versions of LAADS.

PGE Codes

These pages provide access to the Level 1, atmospheres, and land PGE codes currently being used in Collection 5 data production. The requestor will be asked to complete a Software Useage Agreement.

For users who have already signed the Software Usage Agreement, you can download code from here.

User Services

These pages provide contact information and hours of operation for user support, contact information for all staff associated with MODIS data production, archive, and distribution, and metrics for user support services.

Quality Assurance (QA)

These pages identify the Quality Assurance (QA) process utilized for the Collection 5 atmospheres products, identifies which products have successfully passed the QA process, and lists any known issues.

System Status

This page provides the status of MODAPS systems.


These pages provides access to a variety of documents including production plans for Collection 5 reprocessing, the weekly MODAPS reports to the PI Processing (PIP) group, and the Algorithm Theoretical Basis Documents (ATBDs).

Related Sites

This page provides various links to sites related to MODAPS production including MODIS instrument information, satellite overpasses, and the MODIS discipline sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

This page provides a list of frequently asked questions concerning MODAPS production and the LAADS archive and distribution system.

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