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User Services

User Services

Last Update: March 7, 2011

MODAPS provides two types of User Support:

Tier 1 for logistics and delivery support

The contact for this type of support is MODAPS User Support at 1-800-596-8132 (toll-free - US only) or The hours of service are 9 a.m. through 5 p.m. EST Monday through Friday. However, requests for support via e-mail or the voice recording service on either of the above numbers are monitored outside of those hours and response will be made to urgent issues outside of the standard hours. Requests for the following types of support should be addressed to Asad Ullah:

  • How to acquire data products from LAADS or to use any of the capabilities of this archive and distribution system (LAADS capabilities).
  • Resolution of any problems with previous orders submitted through LAADS.
  • Resolution of any problems with the acquisition of data from LAADS or the data pools through anonymous FTP.
  • How to acquire Collection 4 L1B data products through MODAPS Web.
  • Questions concerning the present or future operational status of any components of the MODAPS production system or the LAADS archive and distribution system (System Status).
  • Questions concerning the present status of data production or data archival (Production or Distribution).
  • Questions concerning future production plans (Reprocessing Plans). These questions may also be directed to Sudipta Sarkar (301-614-6912).
  • Requests for new services such as subscriptions, or any changes required for or problems with existing services. These may also be addressed to Kurt Hoffman (301.867.2060).
  • To provide information concerning any downtime planned for end user systems that may influence existing subscriptions or subsetters or to report any problems with existing subscriptions or subsetters.
  • Questions or problems concerning the PGE versions currently being utilized in production.
  • Questions and problems associated with the acquisition or availability of PGE codes from the FTP site.
  • Problems with, or suggestions for improving the MODAPS Production website.

Tier 2 for a variety of science-related support

The contact for this type of support is The hours of service are 9 a.m. through 5 p.m. EST Monday through Friday. However, requests for support service are not monitored outside of those hours and no response will be made outside of the standard hours.

  • Questions concerning the use of existing MODIS atmospheres data products.
  • Questions concerning any problems with the science content or product format of any data products received from LAADS or by subscription.
  • Requests for information concerning the appropriate data products (including post-processed products) to be used for an end user application.
  • Questions concerning the integration of PGE codes into an end user application.
  • Requests for the addition of new post-processing features and any other modifications or improvements to LAADS.
  • Suggestions for product improvement.

MODAPS acquires and maintains metrics concerning user inquiries, reporting the total number of user inquiries each month, along with the number of closed and still open inquiries at the end of the month.

User support compiles and maintains a list of Frequently Asked Questions

Contacts for all MODAPS staff and other related personnel is also available.

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