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Collection 5 Land Reprocessing Plan

Last Update: December 23, 2010

This data announcement provides user information for the MODIS land Science Team concerning the Collection 5 land reprocessing and the Collection 5 archive and distribution plans. Please send any questions to Sudipta Sarkar at

Collection 5 Production Plans

The scheduled start of the Collection 5 land reprocessing has been delayed as a result of the protracted science test activity. However, the land reprocessing started on June 30, 2006 at Terra first light (dataday 55, February 24, 2000). This reprocessing will be conducted on a single machine and the expected processing rate is 3.5x. The Terra-only interval will be completed by early-March 2007. A new Terra profiles was delivered by the atmospheres team in mid-July and this necessitated reprocessing all of the land surface temperature products for the interval dataday 55-109, 2000. This has been completed and updated products have been sent to the LP DAAC.

After the Terra-only interval has been completed, two production machines will be used for the Aqua-Terra interval each with a capacity of 3.5x. In order to expedite the generation of the combined products, each machine will process both Aqua and Terra products. One machine will be used for the remaining 2002 interval followed by 2004 and finally 2006 (note that all of 2006 will be processed as Collection 4 from the MODAPS forward processing machine). The second machine will be used to reprocess 2003 followed by 2005. The following table identified the dates at which each datayear will be completed:

Datayear Completion Date Comment
2000 Sep 28, 2006 Terra only starting at dataday 55
2001 Jan 10, 2007 Terra only
2002 June 15, 2007 Aqua starting at July 4
2003 Sep 29, 2007 Aqua and Terra
2004 Jan 10, 2008 Aqua and Terra
2005 Apr 26, 2008 Aqua and Terra
2006 Aug 7, 2008 Aqua and Terr

Since there is approximately a 3 month difference between the time that one machine completes 2005 and the other machine completes 2006, the final months of 2006 may be processed on both machines. This would lead to a completion date for the Collection 5 reprocessing of mid-June, 2008.

Collection 5 forward processing will start when both the Terra and Aqua codes have passed science testing. This will be mid-December, 2006. Consequently, the entire year of 2006 will be forward processed as Collection 4 and the conversion to Collection 5 will occur on dataday January 1, 2007.

Production details will be available at Production.

Collection 5 Archive and Distribution Plans

Collection 5 land products will be exported to the LP and NSIDC DAACs from reprocessing and forward processing and will be distributed to the general community by those organizations. The data products exported and their associated volumes and files are given at Land Archive Table (updated 06/21/06).

The land team has generated certain Albedo products for the atmospheres community (MCD43Ax, Bx, Dx). These will be archived in the public LAADS archive as they are generated during the land reprocessing (See Collection 5 Atmospheres Reprocessing Plan.).

There will be a data pool associated with each of the two reprocessing production machines and each will have an approximate capacity of 120 datadays (equivalent to approximately 30 calendar days of reprocessing production). These will be used to archive L1B data products. All cloud mask and geolocation products will be archived in LAADS together with L1B for the continental US (defined as 25 deg to 49 deg N and -67 deg to -125 deg W) and the European region (defined as 36 deg to 63 deg N and -10 deg W to 30 deg E). The Asian regions will be added at a later date. Details are given under Land Archive and Data Access. There will be a third data pool associated with forward production that will be used to temporarily archive L1B. The capacity of this data pool will be approximately 21 datadays for both Aqua and Terra (Data Access).

Subscriptions for Collection 5 L1 or land products can be established on MODAPS/LAADS. If you need subscriptions, please send your requirements to

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