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GES DAAC Transition Issues

Last Update: August 2, 2006

Over the time period February through September, 2006 the GES DAAC MODIS functionality will transfer to MODAPS. This includes all production, archive, and distribution functions.

All MODAPS production for forward processing (Collection 4 and 5) and reprocessing (Collection 5) will be performed using L0 data acquired directly from EDOS. The Level 1 and Atmospheres Archive and Distribution System (LAADS) will be the principal mechanism for the archive and distribution of data products to the end user. However, some data products will be maintained on "rolling" data pools for limited durations and some subscriptions will be distributed from MODAPS. All data products archived by LAADS/Data Pools will be maintained on disk. The archives, excluding the MODAPS production disks, will total in excess of 500 TB. Further details can be obtained from the following areas of this web site: Production, Distribution, and Documents.

The transition schedule is complex and detailed and has been derived by MODAPS and GES DAAC staff and reviewed and approved by ESDIS staff. This schedule is available in MSProject form (MSProject Transition Schedule). Details of the Transitions Planned and Transitions Completed are given in following pages.

The following are the key dates:

Task Complete Transition to MODAPS Cessation of GES DAAC Services
Collection 4 Subscriptions and Subsetters Mar 7, 2006 Mar 7, 2006
Collection 5 Subscriptions and Subsetters Aug 1, 2006 Aug 1, 2006
Collection 4 L1 Production Ongoing Mar 1, 2006
Collection 5 L1 Production Sep 15, 2006 Sep 15, 2006
Collection 4 L2 Products Dec 15, 2006 Dec 15, 2006
EDOS L0 Data Aug 7, 2006 Aug 22, 2006
Golden Months Aug 14, 2006 Aug 14, 2006
L0 Distribution Sep 16, 2006 N/A
ECHO Interface Aug 9, 2006 Aug 9, 2006

Certain historical functions such as the transfer of Aqua and Terra attitude and ephemeris data and the ancillary data products needed by MODAPS to generate MODIS land and atmospheres data products will be continued by the GES DAAC.

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