Aqua Product Descriptions: MYD06_L2

Last update: May 23, 2006

Data Set Short Name:

Data Set Long Name:
MODIS/Aqua Clouds 5-Min L2 Swath 1km and 5km



Product Description:
The Level 2 MODIS atmospheric cloud product, MYD06_L2, consists of cloud top physical parameters (temperature, pressure, effective emissivity), cloud phase, cloud optical parameters (optical depth, effective particle radius, water path), cirrus reflectance in the visible band, contrail flag, and other derived parameters over the globe at spatial resolution of 1 km or 5 km at nadir. This product consists of 46 parameters.

Production Frequency:
288 files per day

Spatial Coverage:
Granule: 2330 x 2030 km
Collection: Global

Spatial Resolution:
1 km & 5 km at nadir

File Size (MB):
Minimum: 12.8901
Maximum: 66.0316

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